Posted 2 years ago

Volunteer of the Month for August 2018 is Gail

As Gail walks into the infusion room at the Mesa Dobson office, patients and staff start to smile.   The attention to detail she has, the personal touches, and work ethic are a culmination of decades of experience.  Gail has been volunteering consistently her entire adult life and it shows!  Her sense of style and personality make everyone around her feel welcome.  We are pleased to announce that our Volunteer of the Month for August 2018 is Gail.

Getting to Know Gail

Gail worked at Motorola/General Dynamics for 49 years until she retired last year.  She worked directly with NASA engineers and the military.

Before Ironwood, Gail was the United Blood Services coordinator at her company for over 25 years.  During this time she was awarded the Top Hero Award and made over goal for an impressive 20 years. This year she was presented with the first ever “Hall of Fame” and the “Legacy Award” for years of work with United Blood Services.  Gail has volunteered at the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade for many years and worked with several other charitable organizations in the past.

Gail said, “Volunteering makes me feel like I’m doing something beneficial to the community and that’s all the payback I need.  I love socializing and communicating with all kinds of people. I see volunteering as a team effort that can be fun and immensely rewarding.”  She says she likes volunteering at Ironwood Women’s Center because “….it’s a great place to give back and be with people.  Patient’s stories can be touching and inspiring. The rewards of volunteering at Ironwood Women’s Center are ten times greater for me than I imagined.”


 Do you have what it takes to make a difference like Gail?

Ironwood Women’s Centers is looking for volunteers in all of our offices!

Someone just like you is needed to assist in our boutique, visit patients during chemotherapy, and provide comfort in our waiting areas.

Interested Volunteers must be:

Eighteen and older.

Compassionate and caring.

If you’re a patient, you must be off treatment for at least a year.

For further information call Ironwood Women’s Centers Integrated Services at 480-314-6660 or click here.