Posted 4 years ago

New Genetic Screening Recommendations

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers breast surgeon, Dr.  Patricia Clark, co-authored a study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology regarding the need to re-examine the national guidelines for new genetic screening recommendations for people who should be tested for genetic predisposition to develop breast cancer.  Watch this video to learn more about how convenient genetic testing is at Ironwood and if you (and your family) should consider a re-examination.

According to Dr. Clark, participation is this study changed her practice.  She used an 80 gene panel to test over 1,000 patients with breast cancer, half who met NCCN Guidelines and half who did not. She found no difference in the rate of mutations between the two groups.

Testing provides peace of mind and gives us the opportunity to either prevent the cancer or to detect at an early stage through appropriate surveillance when the opportunity for cure is highest. It also identifies family members who do not carry the pathological mutations and whose risks are no higher than the general public despite their family history.

About Dr. Patricia Clark

Dr. Patricia Clark Genetic Testing ironwood Cancer & Research CentersDr. Patricia Lynn Clark joined Ironwood Women’s Centers in July 2016. She is a board-certified general surgeon with a passion for treating breast cancer and for using oncoplastic surgery to improve outcomes.

Additional plastic surgery training led her to become nationally recognized as a teacher of oncoplastic surgery at national and international conferences. These techniques reduce the need for mastectomy in patients with complex breast disease and they minimize deformity. 

Dr. Clark accepts patients at the Ironwood Women’s Centers Scottsdale office.

About Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers

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