Quality Time During Quarantine

Posted 4 years ago

Quality Time During Quarantine

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic happening now, we are all doing our part by staying indoors and practicing social distancing. Quality time in quarantine is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your loved ones who are at home and to reach out to those that are not. We are often so busy with work, school, social events, and our electronics that we do not spend enough meaningful time together.   This does not need to be a stressful season if we choose to be intentional with the time given to us. 

Listed below are a few ideas to be productive and new ways to learn more about yourself and growing closer to your friends and family.

Family Fun 

Quality Time During Quarantine

Dust off those old board games and play as a family

Complete a puzzle

Write in a journal or blog/ vlog as a family.

Get those old instruments out and start a family band

Catch up on all the movies you have not had a chance to watch.

Buy gift cards for your favorite local restaurants and shops to plan outings for when we can return out

Camp indoors, set up a tent and tell scary stories

Download TikTok, make a quarantined themed video and go viral

Start working on that “honey-do” list

Have a facetime, skype call or zoom meeting with friends or family to keep in touch

Write letters (actual letters with paper and pen) to your family and friends

Make some baked goods, have a baking contest 

Write a play staring your friends or family everyone can perform their part via a video call

Practice shuffling cards like a poker dealer

Quality Time During QuarantineTeach your dog a new trick

Find those old legos and build a city

Watch all the Star Wars films in order

Learn A New Skill On YouTube

Try to learn to beatbox

Learn a new way to wear a scarf

Learn origami and make an object for your loved ones

Download and app to learn a new language

Try an indoor scavenger hunt

Write a book with your family, come up with a topic and each family member writes a chapter

Interview your parents; grandparents (over the phone, skype or FaceTime) create a story with the answered questions

Learn how to braid your hair

Learn to knit or crochet

Learn calligraphy; there are how-to videos 

Get Organized

Quality Time During QuarantineOrganize that Tupperware drawer; enlist your family to help match the lids to the containers

Clean out your closets, have a fashion show to decide whether to keep your items

Go through your digital photos, pick out your favorite and make a photo book

What a great time to organize your spice rack alphabetically

Pull out those old cookbooks and learn new recipes

Work on your financial planning, make a future budget

This is the perfect opportunity to do one task we often avoid because it seems melodramatic, and we never have time is to update our will and organize our affairs.


Quality Time During QuarantineTry new shades of lipstick, eyeshadow or blush

Catch up on your sleep and relaxation

Read one of those books that you have been sitting on your nightstand for months.


Deep condition your hair

Rearrange your sock and underwear drawer

Make a list of all the places you want to visit when they reopen

Make a list of things that you are grateful for

Have a wine tasting at home

Talk to your plants, care for them

Grow out that beard

Take time to reflect, what are your goals and what you would like to accomplish in the next year

Pamper yourself; take turns giving each other face masks, pedicures, and manicures

Quality Time During Quarantine

Try an at-home yoga, exercise or meditation video to stay active (if ok’d by your physician)
Take a bubble bath

Throw out all your old makeup and beauty products (most products have an expiration date on them or symbol noting the expiration, which is usually six months)



Arts & CraftsQuality Time During Quarantine

Now is the time to try out those crafts you see on Pinterest

Write poetry or something creative like a short story or book.

Color in a coloring book; they have many different adult ones these days



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Angela is a caregiver for her mother, who is battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She is an active cheer mom, loves everything pumpkin spice, and enjoys spending time with her family! 

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