Virtual Fitness Classes

Posted 4 years ago

Virtual Fitness Classes with Sewall Healthy Living Center

Virtual Fitness ClassesPatients of Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers now have access to virtual fitness classes with Sewall Healthy Living Center! You can participate in a variety of yoga, self-care, and cardio virtual fitness classes offered throughout the day.

All of the classes are free and start at Pacific Standard Time (PST).   You can click here to see the schedule of classes. There you will find the Zoom virtual meeting id and the pass code to the enter class.

Please join the class 10 minutes prior to start time. If you have any questions regarding these classes, please call 619-522-3798 or 1-800-82-SHARP.

About Sewall Healthy Living Center

Our integrative spa therapies at the Sewall Healthy Living Center will help revitalize your emotional, mental and physical health.

On their own, or in conjunction with traditional medical treatment, these therapies can alleviate stress, manage symptoms, reduce pain and anxiety and promote well-being and balance.

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