Posted 5 years ago

Breast Health & Cancer | Sonoran Living

Every October, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers medical and surgical oncologists partner with the media to generate more awareness about breast health and breast cancer.  Anita Koszyk-Szewczyk, MD, and Gary Eden, DO  spoke with Susan Casper-Smith to discuss Breast Health and Cancer Sonoran Living. Early detection and genetic testing are essential in the fight against breast cancer.

“There are 270,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Only 10% of women will have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer.” said Dr. Szewczyk

Learn more about Breast Health and Cancer Sonoran Living. Dr. Szewczyk accepts patients at the Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers Chandler and Gilbert offices. Dr. Eden takes patients at Ironwood Women’s Centers Mesa Arbor office

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