Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers physicians are amongst the best trained, on par with major national universities. An extension of our mission statement ’To serve the community by providing personalized, comprehensive cancer care that respects and values the needs of each individual” is to provide Academic Cancer Care in a Community Setting.  One of the ways we accomplish our mission is through oncologists that sub-specialize by specific cancer types. Our sub-specialty divisions include our Women’s Centers (Breast and Gynecologic Oncology), Gastrointestinal, Lung and Head and Neck, Myeloma and Lymphoma, Skin & Sarcoma and Genitourinary Divisions. In addition, as at present, all our physicians will continue to consult for hematology and other less common cancers. Every patient is entitled to receive the highest standard of oncology care which includes research trials, ancillary services, easily assessable in-house imaging, registered dieticians, social workers, cancer genetics, integrative oncology, and a wide range of cancer support groups.  Ironwood proudly provides all these services.