All The Care You Need

Our team of providers at Ironwood Women’s Centers & Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers work together to provide our patients with all the care they need under one roof.  We have all the doctors, therapists, and resources in one location to get patients the care they need as quickly and conveniently as possible. These collaborative efforts ensure the highest standards of care. Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers are actively involved in research which allows its patients to benefit from promising new treatments through participation in clinical trials.

We Provide Access

Having an academic cancer care center in a local community gives access to appropriate, high-quality, patient-centered cancer care that is of vital importance to patients and their families. We have designed our medical program to meet the patient’s most urgent needs when seeking a cancer care provider.

Once you receive a diagnosis from your primary care provider, you can call our New Patient Scheduling department at 480-324-5233 to secure an appointment within 24-48 hours and we work with most insurances.

In addition, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers offer a host of Integrative Services at no cost such as support groups, art classes, chair yoga, tai chi, meditation, chair pilates, makeup classes, and so much more!

“We use a multidisciplinary team approach to provide the most adequate care for our patients and their families.”

– Clayton Polowy, MD