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️Finding Strength in the Journey ️⁠


“When I started out on this journey of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, it was quite scary and things seemed to be moving at a really fast pace. Although I was still trying to wrap my head around all that was happening, my 1st appointment with Dr. Mendonca was absolutely amazing. She gave me a hug and said ‘we got this, but your boots on, strap them up, and let’s go!’ I’ll never forget how she made me feel at such a difficult moment in my life. I was then introduced to all the RNs that I’d be under the care of! Hands down, God placed me with the most amazing, beautiful, talented group of ladies—from Dr. Mendonca to all these beautiful ladies! Thank you to my Ironwood family.⁠
Blessings, LaShawn”⁠

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️Breast Cancer: Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness

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