Morgan Gaynor, MS, CGC

Certified Genetic Counselor

Morgan Nicholl-Lewandowsk

Morgan Gaynor joined Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in May 2022. She earned her B.S. in molecular biology and genetics from Regis University and earned her M.S. in genetic counseling from the University of Arizona.

During her time at the University of Arizona, Morgan completed a two-year graduate program and a thesis on best practices in counseling low-level pathogenicity results in cancer genetics settings. She completed clinical rotations at prominent healthcare systems such as Banner, Mayo Clinic, Color Genomics, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Dignity Health. During her time at these institutions, she gained experience in prenatal, cancer, cardiology, pediatrics, and pharmacogenomics counseling.

Morgan enjoys running, swimming, cycling, playing piano, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Please ask your Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers doctor for a referral to see our genetic counselor.