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Fear of Cancer Recurrence with Social Worker Jodi Puhalla

“Fear of recurrence” is the experience of worry and concern that cancer may return for a survivor who has moved beyond their initial treatment phase. The level of fear varies for all survivors and some individuals do not experience any at all.


  • Time for a Scan
  • Social Media
  • News
  • Doctor’s visit
  • Pain or similar symptoms
  • Loved One’s Diagnosis

Managing Your Fear

  • Distraction:  It’s not avoidance!
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Develop a good plan with your doctor including survivorship care.
  • Talk to your friends, families and loved ones.
  • Counseling can help draw the fear out of you and process emotions you experience.
  • Remember that having this fear is very normal.
  • Consider joining a support group.


Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is focused relaxation that allows your imagination to create calm, peaceful images in your mind. It is a mental escape from the “real” present and involves all the senses, body and emotions. Guided imagery can be a very useful coping skill and a way to find inner strength, courage and hope. Studies have shown that your body has the best potential to heal when it is in a state of deep relaxation and positive focus.


Free Ironwood CRC Mindfulness Classes To register for an online support group, you must contact Integrative Services directly at 480-314-6660 or send an email to and mention what class you would like to attend.

You can view the current calendar for Integrative Services here.


Jodi Puhalla, BSW

Social Worker for East Valley Offices

Jodi Puhalla obtained her social work degree from MN State University/Moorhead in 1990. She has spent most of her career as a medical social worker in hospitals, long term care facilities and hospice care.

Jodi is a native of Minnesota and moved to the Phoenix area in 2020. She has a passion for holistic healing and meditation. She likes to explore ancient practices for stress management in the modern world. She enjoys supporting others through difficult transitions in their lives.