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Feeling beautiful during treatment

Many physical changes can occur to your body during treatment of breast cancer. These could include hair loss, weight loss or gain, and hair loss.  People do not often understand the impact the loss of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and breasts can have on someone’s self-image, confidence, and identity. There are women who are greatly affected by these losses and others who do not. We want you to look in the mirror and see the amazing person you truly are.

Here are some practice tips for feeling beautiful during your treatment

  • Your skin can become sensitive and dry during treatment so use a good moisturizer for your face and body daily. Try to avoid those with fragrance or irritants. The Environmental Working Group has a tool to find safe personal care products online.
  • Participate in a beauty class to learn tips and tricks with makeup and accessories. Look Good Feel Better(LGFB) is a two-hour group workshop that offers lessons in makeup and skin care, along with helpful tips on how to disguise hair loss using wigs, scarves, and other accessories. The program is for women actively going through treatment for any kind of cancer, not just breast cancer
  • Try some magnetic eyelashes. These can be purchased online or in stores and are very affordable. They “connect” to your eyelid using magnetic eyeliner. Although it may take a little practice, these lashes will make your eyes pop and do not require the use of adhesive that could irritate your sensitive skin
  • Find a wig that fits your properly and makes you feel good. We suggest going to a professional wig boutique rather than purchasing one online. Check with your insurance to see if they assist with the cost of a wig for you during treatment if hair loss is a part of your journey. Your medical assistant can help you with a prescription for a cranial prosthesis. If your insurance does not assist with this cost or provide reimbursement, you may want to check on some community resources that offer grants for wigs such as and
  • Accessorize what you have using cute earrings, moisturizing lip color, or maybe sassy headwear including cute chemo caps and wraps. com has a great selection online at affordable prices. These caps come in all different colors, patterns, and fabrics. Choose one that fits your personality or go with a holiday trend
  • Do not be afraid to roll out with that beautiful bald look. Some women feel empowered to go “au naturelle” and love the skin they’re in
  • We know it can be challenging with the medications you take, but try to get a good night’s sleep so your body can rest and recover. If you are feeling tired during the day, listen to your body and take a nap
  • Clothes that fit you perfectly before cancer treatment began may not fit any longer. Try to find a few new pieces of clothing for your wardrobe that fit and make you feel fabulous
  • Paint your toes and nails with the approval of your doctor. You can even consider press on nails, nail wraps or sticker designs to add a little style to your hands and feet.

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