Posted 2 years ago

HealthForHER Port Pillow Donation

HealthForHER is a nonprofit youth-led organization dedicated to providing necessary health resources & education for women in impoverished areas and limited situations.Founders of HealthForHER Anaiya Patel and Sanya Somani recently made and donated a large variety of port pillows to Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers.

If you are not familiar with port pillows they are a small pillow that covers the patients  portacath to protect it from the seat belt when riding in a car. Seatbelts can irritate the site of a portacath if driving for a long period of time. Port pillows are designed to reduces irritation and relieve this discomfort.



Accepting the donations is Elizabeth Mueller, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers former Executive Director who we are  lucky enough to still have consulting with our organization.  We are so grateful for their kind donation and are so excited to have these available in our offices for our patients. Visit the HealthForHER website to learn more about their amazing work throughout the community.