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Ironwood Founder Recognized as Most Admired Leader by Phoenix Business Journal

Most Admired Leader

Ironwood Founder Recognized as Most Admired Leader by Phoenix Business Journal

Dr. Khanuja has devoted his career to helping people by making cancer care accessible in local communities. He lives by a Sikh principle called Seva, meaning one who performs self-service. Dr. Khanuja shares his culture and faith through art. He has been collecting Sikh art for 12 years and wanted to find a way to share his collection with the community. He was approached by the Phoenix Art Museum to exhibit his private collection officially in 2017. When asked about the collection, he said, “The way I look at it, is not my collection, it belongs to the community.”

Dr. Khanuja is also the founder of the 5 Rivers Foundation, a scholarship foundation that provides financial support to Sikh students who want to pursue higher education. 5 Rivers Foundation also provides financial support to organizations that preserve Sikh history, offer education, and social awareness.

Learn more about Dr. Khanuja’s principles on leadership in his Phoenix Business Journal Q&A below:


Dr. Parvinderjit Singh Khanuja

Title: Physician

Company: Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers

How many years have you worked in your current job and in total in your industry? 27 years

What’s the most important trait of an effective leader? Humility, work hard, listen, and be ready to accept change.

What is your management style? Surround yourself with professionals who are good, take care of them, and hold them accountable. But get out of the way so they can perform and do their job.

What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today? Wanting instant gratification and being willing to put in the hours.

What is the best professional advice you ever received, and who was it from? From a book, “Who Stole My Cheese,” by Spencer Johnson. It taught me to be proactive, stay ahead of the curve, and not take things for granted.

What’s the best advice you would give a young executive looking to advance into a leadership position? Work hard, put in the hours. There are no short cuts. Be loyal, take care of employees and be honest, and keep your word.

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