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Simply put, reiki is a form of healing using the holistic concept without the use of medications of any sort. The reiki practitioner typically places his or her hands over the individual needing the healing. The belief is that the positive energy is then drawn by the recipient to enhance the natural healing processes. Healing energy is self-seeking and can “zero” in on the disease or issue at hand to commence the healing process.
The dominant factor in reiki is the positive energy that is emitted for healing purposes. As the energy of the practitioner is expected to be at optimum levels and of course ideally positive, there are certain requirements a successful reiki practitioner needs to follow. Keeping the body and mind as pure as possible is one of the prerequisites.
A diagnosis of can is frightening. Then to be bombarded with a lot of procedures and processes add to the already stressful state. Besides all this, having to choose from the various options available for the treatment of the said health problems can be quite confusing to say the least.
When an easy and noninvasive option is available, coupled with the possible health recovery aspect, most people are keen to explore these avenues of healing. However, embarking on the reiki style of treatment, should never be at the expense of discontinuing all other current medications, or other ongoing medical procedures.
Reiki is a holistic style of treatment which is meant at its early stage to compliment any preexisting treatment the patient may be undergoing. The reiki element is meant to work with the positive energy derived to combat any preexisting negatives in the body system. As reiki energy is meant to be dispersed according to the area needing the positive energy, prior diagnoses or prescriptions are unnecessary. Besides being unnecessary it is also unethical to make any such recommendations.
People with severe medical conditions have made claims of a certain percentage of success after using reiki as an added and complimenting healing feature. The positive energy emitted from the reiki practitioner to the recipient is often noted as very calming, relaxing, and helpful. Most recipients report feeling lighter and more positive. Many report experiencing less pain and fear and anxiety.

For an individual that takes his or her health for granted and does not really take precautions to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle, taking up reiki can be the turning point to a better understanding of the importance of good health and mind conditions.
Most diseases, mind conditions and even the abuse of the environment has been linked to the negative elements at one time or another. The practice of reiki can to some extent eliminate this negative aspect or energy and replace it with positive energy.
Reiki’s positive energy transfer does not involve any amount of pain or discomfort. In fact, most people have attested to experiencing a comforting warm feeling which in some cases causes such relaxation that dozing off during a session is not unusual.
Reiki has also been known for its distance healing abilities. This unusual feature is another advantage to those seeking this type of healing to compliment an ongoing medical regiment. An experienced reiki practitioner can transfer positive energy through quiet meditation quite successfully.

Kerri Wade is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has advanced training in Karuna© Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki. She has been practicing Reiki since 2004. Kerri is committed to creating a sacred space of healing for her clients. Join her free live on the third Friday of each month at 1:00 pm as she shares distance reiki energy with Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers’ clients. Sign up by calling 480-314-6660 or email


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