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Share Your Story: Jennifer

May 2020 Share Your Story: Jennifer

When Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer, she documented her experience as only a writer could.  Her book is an unapologetically candid, real-time story about her experience.  Just before social distancing guidelines went into effect, we had a chance to meet with Jennifer to discuss her latest book.  As an English professor and a professional writer, Jennifer was not at a loss for words.

Jennifer says:

I was under the impression that I was not going to make it. As a result, the only thing that I can leave my daughters, besides my love for them, is my writing. I also wanted to write a book for women experiencing breast cancer that holds nothing back.  When you’re faced with death, why not be brutally honest?  As a writer, I felt that there was a deficiency in other books to scrutinize the challenging moments cancer inflicts. 

How do you respond to the world when you can’t think positively? What’s it like for a writer’s identity to be under siege from cancer and all of its suffering?  My book takes readers on a journey as if they’re by my side from diagnosis, chemo, surgery, hospitalizations, and all the chaotic messiness that many cancer patients experience but few talk about.

Her husband and two daughters were also interviewed about how the disease affected them personally.  As with all patients, cancer doesn’t affect the patient; cancer affects the entire family.  Her daughters and husband gave a powerful testimony that many families will find relatable.

Today, Jennifer is cancer-free, thanks to her treatments at the Scottsdale office of Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers.  If you’re an Ironwood patient and would like to inspire others by sharing your story, send an e-mail to marketing@ironwoodcrc.comView other Share Your Story videos here.

About Jennifer

Share Your Story Jennifer Jennifer teaches college classes and writes mostly fiction. She is the author of four books: The Freak Chronicles (Dzanc Books), Love Slave (Unbridled Books), And so we Die, Having First Slept (Five Oaks Press/Bosco’s Going Down Press), and Cancer, I’ll Give You One Year:  A Non-Informative Guide to Breast Cancer, A Writer’s Memoir in Almost Real-Time (Wipf and Stock Publishers).


These are available at Amazon or your favorite bookstore.  She is half of the book-reviewing team, Snotty Literati at She lives with her husband, two kids, one dog (Snickers), and two cats (Story and Beesly).  Please visit her at


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