Posted 4 years ago

Understanding Insurance Coverage

Facing cancer treatment is an overwhelming and tolling process, to say the very least. Understanding insurance coverage can also be a challenge. Additional factors such as deciding which insurance to choose during open enrollment, understanding the different parts of Medicare, losing insurance coverage or even understanding the benefits on your existing insurance plan adds an additional level of anxiety that patients simply do not know how to begin navigating. Ironwood’s Social Work Team has various resources to assist and alleviate the burden that insurance processes can impose on a patient during cancer treatment. The first step is to determine which you as a patient may fall in to.

You are insured, but do not understand your benefits.

It is always advised that as a patient you educate yourself on your plan’s benefits. Every insurance has a designated Customer Service line that is dedicated to working with their members and providing them with an explanation of their benefits. The Customer Service number is typically on the back of your insurance card and you will need to supply the representative with your policy Understanding Insurance Coveragenumber and basic information.

The representative can then provide you with your benefit and deductible information costs for specialist office visits, infusion chemotherapy, injections, radiation therapy, and can answer any other policy questions you may have. At Ironwood, you will also have access to our Benefits Coordinators. There is one designated in each office who are able to discuss your specific financial situation.

You lost your insurance or you do not have limited medical coverage.

As a patient, there are various reasons you may not have medical insurance coverage. Do not panic. There are options for us to peruse if you lose your medical coverage. Depending on your situation, family size and income.

Income and the size of your household will be the main factors in determining any insurance plans that you need to qualify for through the State such as, Medicaid or the Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program. The Social Work team at Ironwood can assist you with applying for these programs. Please contact Integrative Services at (480) 314-6660 to speak with someone from the Social Work Department for further assistance.

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