Chemo Brain

Many patients going through chemotherapy treatment report having chemo brain, other cancer treatments like radiation, as well as the cancer itself, can cause similar symptoms that produce problems with memory and thinking.  The term chemo brain or brain fog generally describes a variety of troublesome symptoms that include feeling spacey, having difficulty processing information as well as trouble with word recall and short-term memory.  These symptoms can interfere with your ability to function at work or home. They generally will subside within months of completing treatment, but some may be affected for many years after treatment is complete.  

Can I get the Caretaker Special?

Let’s set the scene. Your loved one comes home and is nauseous, fatigued, and hasn’t eaten anything all day. You want to help, so you whip up their favorite dish and serve it to them. They take two bites and say “I’m not hungry” or “this tastes awful”. It is hard enough dealing with the schedules, the side effects, and the worry that comes with taking care of a loved one with cancer; but, when you can’t show your love and support through food, it can be disheartening.