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Cancer Care & Prevention Symposium 2024

Join Us For Cancer Care & Prevention Symposium 2024 In Scottsdale!

April 20

The Cancer Care & Prevention Symposium is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together clinicians from various subspecialties involved in managing patients with cancer to discuss the latest advances and strategies for optimizing cancer care and prevention. Leading experts from diverse backgrounds will discuss novel strategies for cancer screening, cancer risk and heredity, innovations in robotic cancer surgery, radiation therapy, integrative medicine, stress management, fertility preservation, cardiotoxicity, and the impact of artificial intelligence on patients with cancer.

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Cancer Care & Prevention Symposium 2024


7:00am Check-in & Breakfast Available in Exhibit Hall
7:50am Horizon CME App Overview
7:55am Welcome, Introductions, & CE/CME Housekeeping
8:05am (01A) Overview of Liquid Biopsy and Circulating Tumor DNA in Gastrointestinal Malignancy
» Darshil Shah MD
8:20am (01B) Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Strategies in Patients at Average Risk
» Sumir Patel MD
8:35am (01C) Technological Innovations in Robotic Surgery for Colorectal Malignancies
» Sushil Pandey, MD
8:50am Stump the Faculty – Q&A Discussion
9:05am (02A) Common Radiation Therapy Misconceptions and Toxicity Management
» Davis Romney, MD
9:20am (02B) Breast Cancer – Not One Size Fits All
» Anu Batra, MD
9:35am (02C) Breast Health: It Starts With You
» Rashmi Vadiya, MD
9:50am Stump the Faculty – Q&A Discussion
10:05am Break – Refreshments in Exhibit Hall
10:35am (03A) Lung Cancer Screening- Impact of Low Dose CT
» Jonathan Ruzi, MD
10:50am (03B) The Evolution of Precision Oncology in Lung Cancer Treatment
» Rajesh Kukunoor, MD
11:05am (03C) Lung Cancer Therapeutics- Time to Stop the Nihilism?
» Syed Ali Akbar, MD
11:20am Stump the Faculty – Q&A Discussion
11:35am Gather for Lunch
11:40am Buffet Lunch & Non-CME/CE Presentation
12:30pm After Lunch Dessert Break in Exhibit Hall
12:50pm (04A) Updates in the Management of Patients with Gynecologic Malignancies
» Mario Pineda, MD
1:10pm (04B) A Practical Approach to Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing
» Mandy Kass, MD
1:35pm Stump the Faculty Q&A
1:50pm Trivia for Charity Break & Refreshments in Exhibit Hall
2:20pm (05A) Integrative Medicine: Optimizing Cancer Outcomes Through Lifestyle
» Heidi Rula, MD
2:50pm (05B) Healing Together: Addressing Stress in the Cancer Journey for Patients and Providers
» Nicole McCallister, LMSW
3:05pm Stump the Faculty Q&A
3:20pm (06A) Cardio-oncology: Understanding, Mitigating, and Managing Cardiovascular Risks in Cancer
» Nikhil Iyenger, MD
3:35pm (06B) Fertility concerns in cancer patients
» Shane Lipskind MD
3:50pm (06C) Introduction to AI in Oncology: Transforming Cancer Care
4:05pm Stump the Faculty Q&A
4:20pm Network Reception