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Posted 4 months ago

Cancer is Expensive

Cancer is a very expensive illness. Even if you have health care insurance, this does not mean you will…

Posted 4 months ago

SCS Lunch & Learn: Wigs 101

The Virtual Lunch & Learn “Wigs 101” was recorded for Tuesday, August 15, 2023. We would like to…

Posted 9 months ago

For Crying Out Loud

People coping with a cancer diagnosis often feel they need to be strong and protect others from emotions…

Posted 10 months ago

Finding love after cancer

Dating and intimacy are not always easy.  It involves our self-esteem, body image, confidence levels, 
social interaction skills, and communication. Add in a cancer diagnosis, hair loss, mastectomy scars and 
those challenges may become obstacles for some.   

Posted 11 months ago

Finding calm – reducing symptoms of anxiety

Do you have trouble staying asleep at night? Do you find it hard to relax? Have you felt like electricity is running through your body? Does your heart pound when you are experiencing stress? Do you have trouble with racing and repeating thoughts?  If your answer is yes to any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing anxiety.

Posted 1 year ago

Happy New Year! 2023

Happy New Year! One New Year’s tradition that I have practiced for the last two years that brings…

Posted 2 years ago

Peer Support Groups

You do not have to feel alone on this journey with cancer. A great way to connect with…

Posted 2 years ago

Advocating for yourself

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can often feel daunting.  There are a variety of unknowns that can lead to…

Posted 2 years ago

Safe Travel for patients

Many people have been at home and forgoing travel for almost two years now due to COVID. However,…

Posted 2 years ago

Social Security Disability 101

Are you under the age of 65 and considering applying for Social Security Disability? Supportive Care Services at…

Posted 2 years ago


Gratitude.  The word is often used so much that it can feel as though it is nothing more…

Posted 3 years ago

Health Disparities & Cancer

Health Disparities & Cancer Cancer is a terrible disease that shows no discrimination.  It is widely known that…

Posted 3 years ago

National Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day  April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day. It exists to inspire, educate, and empower the…