Posted 3 weeks ago

Colon Cancer Awareness with Dr. Bomgaars & Dr. Shah

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers oncologists Dr. Bomgaars and Dr. Shah discussing Colon Cancer Awareness on Your Life Arizona.  Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the unites states, there will be thirty to forty thousand new cases diagnosed yearly and approximately fifty thousand deaths. This cancer is also the most preventable cancer. There are about 1.4  million people living with or have survived colon cancer. There are unfortunately not a lot of signs and symptoms of colon cancer. The few things that a person should look out for is change in bowl movements, and habits, abdominal pain and anemia’s.  There are two common risk factors when it comes to colon cancer, one is environmental and the other is genetic. Those who have a strong genetic history of colon cancer should start screening much earlier than those that do not. A sedentary lifestyle along with a diet low in fiber puts a person at high risk for colon cancer. Colonoscopy’s should be done at the age of 45.