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Share Your Story | David

David was the husband and caregiver to his wife that battled cancer for several years. She had breast cancer and then glioblastoma all the while working to setup her family for success before passing away at 52. David’s dedication to his wife as a caregiver, husband, and father highlight the love, stress, and insecurities that caregivers experience. Now that David can reflect about being a caregiver for his late wife, he wants to share advice for caregivers and tell his story. This video is dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Bunting Ackerman, her caregiver David, and cancer caregivers everywhere.

About Liz

Liz, or full name Elizabeth Bunting Ackerman, held a BSN from Hawaii Pacific University, and a degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Appalachian State University. She worked for Honor Health as an RN Auditor and at Banner as a Case Manager. Liz also worked at Banner Heart Hospital, on the cardiac floor as a Telemetry Nurse. Liz loved to hike, enjoy her pool and be outside with her children. More than anything she loved being a mom. She volunteered at her children’s schools and enjoyed being active with her children in their music and sports activities.



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