Compassion Through Kindness Program

In the summer of 2018, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers introduced a new customer service program called Compassion through Kindness.  This program, inspired by the book Split Second Kindness, grew into a companywide program.  Every employee attended a rollout seminar on the power of kindness and how to incorporate it into working with patients.  As a patient, you may notice employees wearing blue ID holders inscribed with “Compassion through Kindness.”


Kindness Trees

Kindness trees have been placed at the entrances of every Ironwood location. Employees can be nominated for their kindness by coworkers or patients alike. When you witness an act of kindness, we want to recognize and celebrate it!  At Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers, we hope to foster acts of kindness and we hope you will do the same.  To nominate an employee, please fill out a nomination form and we will place them on the branches.                                                     

Ironwood physicians and staff passionately live their days providing Compassion through Kindness!  The Kindness Tree is an everyday reminder to display kindness to every person we encounter.


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Lollipop Moment

You have no doubt passed by the jars of lollipops in the Ironwood offices.  The lollipops are more than delicious candies; they are symbols of transformational actions that can lead to positive change.  Kindness starts small like a lollipop but can reverberate into positive energy that helps patients in big ways.  When offices managers receive your nominations, they give the employee a lollipop and a star pin for their ID lanyard, which symbolize your appreciation.  The next time you’re in our office, have a lollipop and think about what your next lollipop moment is going to be!  To learn more about the how the Lollipop Moment can change someone’s life watch the Ted talk with Drew Dudley.


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“No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  – Aesop

“Something good can be said about everyone.  We only have to say it.” – Fulton Oursler