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National Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day 

April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day. It exists to inspire, educate, and empower the public and providers about the importance of care planning. Patients and Ironwood employees have the opportunity to express their healthcare wishes with the assistance of our knowledgeable social workers who can guide them through the process.

What Is An Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a legal document that explains how you want medical decisions about you to be made if you cannot make the decisions yourself. An advance directive lets your health care team and loved ones know what kind of health care you want, or who you want to make decisions for you when you can’t. An advance directive can help you think ahead of time about what kind of care you want.

It may help guide your loved ones and health care team in making clear decisions about your health care when you can’t do it yourself. Learn more about Advance Directives from Ironwood licensed social worker Nicole McCallister, LMSW in this informative video.

Schedule An Appointment to Complete Advance Directive

During the month of April, you will be able to schedule an appointment with an Ironwood social worker to complete your Advance Directive Paperwork.

Here are the steps to secure your appointment for Advance Directive Assistance:

1. Reach out to your Ironwood Social Worker by sending an email to with your selected day and timeframe.  You will receive a reply email confirming your appointment date and time.

2. Review the attached Advance Directive Document.

3. Complete the Advance Directive paperwork with your social worker and provide a copy to all of your healthcare providers.


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