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Resources for Gynecological Cancers

A Gynecological cancer diagnosis can include cancer of the ovaries, uterus, vulva, cervical, or vaginal cancer. When a woman is initially diagnosed with gynecological cancer a wave of shock and disbelief may come over them. Questions of all types begin to arise. Can my cancer be treated? What is the prognosis? Can I afford treatment? How is my cancer going to affect my loved ones? How will it affect me?

Resources for Gynecological CancersCancer affects those afflicted by the disease not only physically, but emotionally, and financially. More recently, oncology patients are faced with the added barrier during their treatment of how to get their treatment and supports during a pandemic. COVID-19 has required that strict restrictions be placed on in-person supports as a precaution against spreading the virus.

Patients and their families have to dig deeper to find support for women going through gynecological cancer. We, here at Ironwood, are here to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with finding support services by providing some information that may be helpful during or after your treatment.

Are You Uninsured?

For those who are uninsured, Arizona offers a program known as the Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program. There are multiple eligibility factors, but the main two are your household income level, as well as a confirmed Breast or Cervical cancer diagnosis. If you or your loved one is without insurance and may have either one of these cancers, please ask to speak to the Benefits Coordinator at your office to see if they may qualify for BCCTP.

Organizations such as The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (, has an abundance of educational and support resources for all types of gynecological cancers. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (, is a wealth of resources for patients, as well as caregivers.

We’re Here to Help!

Our social worker Nicole McCallister, LMSW, in the West Valley are also available to provide you with information on foundations that are specifically available to patients in need of financial assistance during their treatment. Many of our offices have pantries that are stocked with food necessities and basic hygiene products for those that have met with our social workers and need assistance with food.

The Supportive Care Services Department

Resources for Gynecological Cancers

Our Supportive Care Services Department currently offers various support groups online to provide a community of people that may also be experiencing Gynecological cancer. For your family or loved ones that are struggling with knowing how to support you, Ironwood has a Caregiver group.

Most importantly, our Gynecological Oncologists are a wealth of knowledge for you to turn to. They are available for questions related to your illness and treatment options. For additional information on how to join these online support groups, please email Our Supportive Care Services Team is here to provide you with the supports that you need on your journey to wellness.

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