Posted 4 years ago

Share Your Story Buffy

Share your story Buffy. Buffy was only 26 when she found her first lump in her breast. She would need to have screenings done every six months and follow up. Buffy had a fear that she would get breast cancer following the diagnosis of her uncle’s breast cancer when she was in high school. This would not be the only family member to travel down the cancer road. In 2009, Buffy’s husband received his diagnosis of bladder cancer. She became his caregiver and he is now a 10-year survivor. In 2015 and Buffy’s sister received her breast cancer diagnosis. Consequently in 2017, her father received his diagnosis of a rare form of prostate cancer. Buffy and her other sister underwent Genetic testing and they both received the variant of unknown significance notice. Buffy met with Dr. Champagne to undergo prophylactic breast surgery. She went in for an MRI for this surgery and was informed she had cancer on Valentine’s Day.

Buffy’s care team at  Ironwood, included Dr. Champagne, Dr. Rula, Dr. Pineda and Dr. Kalmadi. Buffy participated in our support groups and classes and they helped in her recovery process. Above all she took advantage of everything she could so she could meet others that have been through the same thing that she has and could relate to her. Because of the support team she had here at Ironwood and at home she learned through this process that she can do anything and takes every opportunity   she can. She has recently taken up ballroom dancing.