Surgical Procedures

At Ironwood Women’s Centers, our providers are trained in the latest surgical modalities for cancer care. Your comprehensive care team will go over all the treatment options available.  Listed below are a few common minimally invasive and general surgical procedures:



-Breast Reconstruction Surgery

-DIEP Flap

-Robotic Assisted Procedures


-Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Fertility-Sparing Surgery

-Radical Cytoreductive (“Debulking”) Surgery

-Biopsies of breast lesions and axillary lymph nodes.

-Cyst aspirations

-Percutaneous aspiration of abscesses.

-Cryoblation as part of the National ICE 3 Trial.

-Placement of SAVI catheters for APBI

-Clip Placement for cancers and nodes in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapies.