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Posted 4 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! All Ironwood offices are closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday so our employees can…

Posted 5 months ago

Boundaries around the holidays

As the holidays are approaching this is a good time to remind ourselves that healthy boundaries are important….

Posted 5 months ago

Chemo Brain

Many patients going through chemotherapy treatment report having chemo brain, other cancer treatments like radiation, as well as the cancer itself, can cause similar symptoms that produce problems with memory and thinking.  The term chemo brain or brain fog generally describes a variety of troublesome symptoms that include feeling spacey, having difficulty processing information as well as trouble with word recall and short-term memory.  These symptoms can interfere with your ability to function at work or home. They generally will subside within months of completing treatment, but some may be affected for many years after treatment is complete.  

Posted 11 months ago

Breast Cancer Survivorship Course

Don’t miss our Breast Cancer Survivorship virtual course. The wellness course addresses nutrition, healthy sleep habits, daily movement, as well as stress management skills. The class is centered around wellness education and involves a support group component.

Posted 1 year ago

Social Security Disability 101

Are you under the age of 65 and considering applying for Social Security Disability? Supportive Care Services at…

Posted 1 year ago

Holiday Edition Eat This Not That

While an important part of having a healthy, mindful approach toward eating includes allowing yourself to enjoy your favorite foods,…