Posted 3 months ago

Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Survivorship June is the month that we celebrate our cancer survivors with National Cancer Survivor Month.  Whether…

Posted 3 months ago

Breast Cancer Survivorship Course

Don’t miss our Breast Cancer Survivorship virtual course. The wellness course addresses nutrition, healthy sleep habits, daily movement, as well as stress management skills. The class is centered around wellness education and involves a support group component.

Posted 3 months ago

Advocating for yourself

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can often feel daunting.  There are a variety of unknowns that can lead to…

Posted 3 months ago

Summertime Mocktails

The summertime is quickly approaching. Summertime is often when we gather with friends and family for barbeques and…

Posted 5 months ago

Can Guided Imagery Help Me?

Guided Imagery: Create harmony between the body and mind Have you ever felt nervous about getting an MRI? …